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You Made It!

Congratulations, on starting this new journey called college!

You are making some major moves here! A Dose Of College approves this major move!

Furthermore, we are proud of you, and we are happy to be part of this life-changing journey.

Planning For College Success

At A Dose Of College, we strongly believe college creates the perfect environment to try new things, find out more about who you are and who you can become.

However, in order to take full advantage of that opportunity, you need a plan. A plan that is realistic and one you can adjust to fit your current lifestyle.

We recognize all college students don’t have the same college story. For instance, every college student isn’t starting college at one particular age or living in college dorms.

In fact, some college students are in their mid-30s when they begin their college journey and/or are completely classes at home online in their pajamas.

Case in point, college students are one of the most diverse groups of individuals, because of so many life-changing factors that, directly and indirectly, affect a student’s college life experience.

Thus, our goal is to continue creating content about how different life-changing factors impact college life.

So no matter how, where, or when you started your college journey, let us help you enjoy your college experience while you perform at your best.

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Our college lifestyle content is created mainly based on personal college experiences from undergraduate school and graduate school.

So, we can understand how challenging college life can become and how to quickly navigate and in some cases completely avoid these challenges.

So join us!

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