15 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

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Looking to make some money this summer while you have fun? You’re in luck!

This post is all about the best summer jobs for college students!

It’s More Than Just A Summer Job

For some college students, summer is all about beach vacations, out-of-the-town trips, and relaxation activities. But for some, summer is the perfect time to get a job and earn.

A summer job is not something permanent, but it’s always more than just a summer job.

When college students get a summer job, they don’t just get income out of it.

They get a lot more – new experiences, new friends, new stories, new challenges, and new learnings. The possibilities are endless.

Thus, if you are a college student who is wondering what to do for the summer, here is a list of the best summer jobs you can get!

15 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

  1. Driver
  2. Food server
  3. Sales associate
  4. Intern
  5. Fitness trainer
  6. Beverage cart boy/girl
  7. Camp counselor
  8. Freelance writer
  9. Lifeguard
  10. Online tutor
  11. Brand ambassador
  12. Bartender
  13. Nanny
  14. Vlogger
  15. Photographer

Best Summer Jobs For College Students 1: Driver

If you already have a driver’s or a student driver’s license, you could work as a personal driver or a company driver.

Being a driver will expose you to relating with different kinds of people, and this job will also enhance your driving skills.

Just always remember to never be late for work and to always be careful and alert on the road.

Best Summer Gigs For College Students 2: Food server

Are you a culinary student or just a long-time foodie?

Being a food server is one of the best summer jobs for college students because it enhances your time management, food handling, and people skills.

When you work as a food server, always remember to be polite and accommodating to every customer.

Best Summer Side Hustles For College Students 3: Sales associate

Being a sales associate for a retail company or brand is one of the exciting summer jobs for college students.

Not only will you be able to contribute to the sales and performance of the brand, but you will also be trained in terms of your sales and marketing skills.

Be confident in your job and don’t forget that the customer is always right.

Best Summer Gigs For College Students 4: Intern

Among the popular and great summer jobs for college students is being an intern.

You can get an internship job at a reputable company that you are eyeing for or at an organization that could share with you useful learnings and experiences related to your chosen career path.

This summer job will expose you to real-life work and prepare you for the near future.

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Best Summer Jobs For College Students 5: Fitness trainer

If you are a fitness enthusiast, this summer job will be an excellent choice for you.

Being a fitness trainer allows you to help other people achieve the fitness status that they need or want for themselves through proper exercise and workout routines.

And once you help them achieve their fitness goal, you will also be a part of their success.

Most importantly, this job could also help you strengthen your body and improve your health even more.

Best Summer Side Hustles For College Students 6: Beverage cart boy or girl

This is simple, but it is a fulfilling job, so it’s a great option for college students looking for a summer job.

Just know that you will be busy because summer tends to make people always looking for beverages to drink.

When you are a beverage cart boy/girl, it is important to remember to always sanitize your cart and products so that your customers will be fully impressed and satisfied.

Best Summer Side Hustles For College Students 7: Camp counselor

As a camp counselor, you are going to be like the “elder brother or sister” of young campers, who will most likely be high school students.

Your job is to guide these youngsters as they go along with their camp activities and to serve as the one who they can rely on if they encounter troubles or problems during the camp activity.

This job will expose you to social responsibilities, nature appreciation, and new friendships.

Therefore, this is a great summer job for college students like yourself.

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Best Summer Gigs For College Students 8: Freelance writer

If your degree is journalism or communication or if you are someone who loves to express yourself through the written word, then being a freelance writer could be your job for the summer.

This is exciting since being a freelance writer will expose you to various stories and fresh learnings about new topics.

Moreover, being a freelance writer is enjoyable because you can do it anytime and anywhere as long as you have your computer and internet connection.

Best Summer Jobs For College Students 9: Lifeguard

A lifeguard is another great job for college students. In fact, being a lifeguard is an enjoyable and rewarding summer job.

You get to be at the beach or at a resort all day and enjoy the heat of the summer with lots of people around you.

If you get the chance to save or protect someone from the risks of swimming, then it will definitely make you feel much rewarded and fulfilled.

Best Summer Gigs For College Students 10: Online Tutor

Other students may need the help of an online tutor to help them better understand their lessons.

Working as an online tutor can be done anywhere and anytime, depending on the preferred time of your client.

This is a great summer job, especially if you see the improvement of your client’s understanding and knowledge.

Best Summer Side Hustles For College Students 11: Brand ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is one of the best summer jobs for college students who are pursuing a degree in marketing, communications, and public relations!

So, are you a fan of a certain brand?

If so, why not try and become a brand ambassador of it?

This summer job is exciting as it will expose you to lots of opportunities for meet-and-greet events, sales events, and more.

Best Summer Gigs For College Students 12: Bartender

This summer, you could work as a café barista or a club bartender. Being a bartender can help you enhance your knowledge of beverage preparation as well as your people skills.

Best Summer Jobs For College Students 13: Nanny

Do you love children? Being a nanny for cute, amazing kids can be an exciting summer job for you.

You can hang out and enjoy the company of children, play with them, and teach them a few lessons too, all while taking care of them.

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Best Summer Gigs For College Students 14: Vlogger

If you are into being in the limelight, you can become a vlogger for the summer.

You can do just about anything – review tech, cook dishes, travel to different places, review products, and more.

This job is exciting, and you can earn from the number of views of your vlogs.

Best Summer Jobs For College Students 15: Photographer

Another excellent summer job for college students is being a photographer.

Just make sure that you have the proper equipment and techniques to deliver amazing results.

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