15 Great Dorm Bathroom Essentials

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This post is all about college dorm bathroom essentials every college freshman needs!

Find the best dorm bathroom essentials for your dorm room!

Dorm Bathroom Essentials

In college, taking a shower can become complex.

You see, in college, where you take a shower is directly related to the housing plan you selected or the housing plan you were given when you register for college.

For instance, some housing plans at college may require you to:

  • Use a communal bathroom with a handful of other college students or
  • Use a communal bathroom with many other college students or
  • Share living space with other college students but have your own bathroom or
  • Have your own individual living space and bathroom – no sharing

However, housing plans with individual bathrooms are always more expensive, than housing plans where college students use communal bathrooms.

Therefore, it’s important to be certain about your college housing situation before you purchase dorm bathroom essentials since your college housing plan determines the type of bathroom essentials you will actually use.

For instance, if your college housing plan includes a communal bathroom used by many other students, then you don’t have to purchase things like bathroom mats, shower curtains plus hooks, shower curtain liners to help you personalize the bathroom.

Whereas, if you have your own bathroom, there are a few dorm bathroom essentials you can purchase to make your college life easier and to add a little personality to your bathroom.

Therefore, use this dorm bathroom essentials list to help guide your purchase decisions base on your needs.

Top Dorm Bathroom Essentials

  1. Shower shoes
  2. Shower caddies
  3. Shower curtains
  4. Shower curtain liners
  5. Curtain hooks
  6. Towel wraps
  7. Bath towel sets
  8. Plush bathrobes
  9. Toiletry bags
  10. Garbage bins
  11. Hair tools organizers
  12. Waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers
  13. Bathroom mats
  14. Toilet cleaning supplies
  15. Toilet paper

Dorm Bathroom Essential 1: Shower shoes

A pair of shower shoes are a dorm bathroom essential!

You definitely don’t want to walk around barefoot on the floor of a communal dorm bathroom.

Now, your shower shoe doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, a pair of flip-flops will work, just remember to pack one for college.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 2: Shower caddy

My roommate and I shared our bathroom with two super cool girls!

Now because the space was small, personalizing the bathroom wasn’t an option, so we all had a mesh shower caddy, and it just made life easier.

If you opted for a personal room, the bathroom is yours to decorate, so no need for a mesh caddy.

Instead, use a flex shower caddy – it will help you keep all your bath essentials in one place.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 3: Shower curtain

Another cute saying that will bring out your personality in the bathroom.

Get naked! Yes! This GET NAKED shower curtain is oozing personality and I live for it!

This is such a great way to add some personality to your bathroom.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 4: Shower curtain liner

Keep your bathroom dry and prevent mildew from growing on your shower curtain with a shower curtain liner.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 5: Shower curtain hooks

Don’t forget to get a shower curtain hook set, because you can’t hang shower curtains and shower curtain liners without some hooks.

Now, these curtain hooks have two sides that allow you to hang both shower curtains and shower curtain liners simultaneously.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 6: Towel wrap

One thing you will quickly realize is there is very little privacy when you share a dorm room.

Plus, when you add suitemates to the equation, privacy diminishes even more.

Thankful things like towel wraps exist. A towel wrap allows you to comfortably walk around hand-free without worrying about exposing yourself.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 7: Bath towel set

Now while a towel wrap is essential, especially if you share a dorm room, you also need a few other towels.

This bath towel set is perfect – it includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 8: Plush bathrobe

I live for a soft plush bathrobe! It’s such a great way to pamper yourself, especially after a long day of classes.

My robe was a little shorter than this one, but it was so comfortable – sometimes I would fall asleep in it.

All in all, this is one of the top dorm bathroom essentials.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 9: Toiletry bag

This toiletry bag is super cute and useful!. Overall, it’s a great college essential. Every college girl should have one.

I got so many uses out of mine. In fact, this was a staple in my backpack. It has just the right amount of space for all your girly stuff plus more.

Plus, it’s perfect for that time of the month.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 10: Garbage bin

Remember to add a garbage bin for your dorm bathroom to your college packing list.

It doesn’t have to be cute like this one, but if you’re going for cute, this one is it. Plus, it’s space-saving!

Dorm Bathroom Essential 11: Hair tools organizer

A hair tools organizer you can easily use as a hairstyle station is perfect for dorm bathrooms.

This hair tools organizer helps you keep all your hair tools and other hair products in one place for quick and easy access.

Plus, it’s portable!

So you can easily bring it to your dorm room bathroom to style your hair and place it right back on your dorm room desk or dresser when you’re done.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 12: Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

Extra-long showers are always more fun with music!

This waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for extra-long showers.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 13: Bathroom mat

Add a super absorbent bathroom mat to complete your bathroom decor!

Dorm Bathroom Essential 14: Toilet bowl cleaning supplies

This is one of the most common items college students forget to pack for college.

Now, who can blame them, who thinks of cleaning a toilet while packing for college?

I mean so much to do so little time!

Honestly, when I pack for college, the toilet bowl cleaning supply wasn’t even on my college packing list, so you know I didn’t pack it.

LOL! Such is life …

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However, luckily, when I moved in my roommate was in her sophomore year so this and a few other bathroom items I didn’t have to worry about.

Moreover, if you are using a communal bathroom, you won’t have to worry about this.

However, if you will be residing in dorm rooms with a shared living space with individual bathrooms, toilet cleaning supplies should definitely be on your list.

Also, if you will be living in a dorm room designed for suitemates where a bathroom is shared, the best solution is to decide on the items y’all want and split the bill.

Now, at the end of the school year, have a lucky dip to determine who keeps what.

Dorm Bathroom Essential 15: Toilet paper

Last but not least, remember to pack your toilet paper.

To get the best deals on toilet paper on toilet paper, buy it in bulk and store it under your bed.

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