11 Best Candle Alternatives For Dorms

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This post is all about the best candle alternatives for dorms to keep your dorm room smelling great all the time!

Oh, boy, how I love candles!

So you know when I found out candles couldn’t be used in my dorm room, I wasn’t too happy.

However, after analyzing the situation, it makes sense why they wouldn’t allow the use of candles in dorm rooms, especially since using candles increases the risk of fires in dorms.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the careless use of candles causes nearly thousands of residential fires each year.

In fact, the NFPA reported from 2014-2018, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 7,610 home structure fires that were started by candles per year.

These fires caused an annual average of 81 deaths, 677 injuries, and $278 million in direct property damage.

So it’s a no-brainer why colleges don’t allow the use of items creating open flames like candles in dorm rooms.

Using Candle Alternatives In College

Fortunately, you can use candle alternatives in your dorm room.

Candle alternatives don’t create open flames, so they could be used to keep your room smelling great throughout the semester.

One of the things I like about the candle alternatives I recommend is that they are not solely focused on covering up odors.

Instead, the main goal is to make the air in your dorm room healthier.

Therefore, this list includes a mixture of items you could use to filter and purify the air in your dorm room, as well as scented products you can use to create a great atmosphere in your dorm room.

So use this best dorm candle alternatives list as a guide to help you create your own healthy air environment for your dorm room.

Best Candle Alternatives For Dorms

  1. Scented all-purpose cleaners
  2. Carpet cleaners
  3. Disinfecting sprays
  4. Air purifiers
  5. Dehumidifiers
  6. Room sprays
  7. Toilet sprays
  8. Plug-in air fresheners
  9. Candle warmers
  10. Essential oil diffusers
  11. Scented trash bags

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #1: Scented all-purpose cleaner

A dorm room that actually smells great is a clean dorm room.

So first on the list is your favorite scented all-purpose cleaner.  I love Fabuloso because it’s affordable, and it gets the job done.

This scented all-purpose cleaner smells great and can be used on floors and other surfaces around your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #2: Carpet cleaner

This carpet cleaner in particular smells amazing! Overall, it’s a great way to add some aroma to the air.

Plus, the baking soda content helps deodorize the carpet, which really helps you maintain healthier air in your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #3: Disinfecting spray

This disinfecting spray is on this list because it helps eliminate unpleasant odors and sanitizes surfaces.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #4: Air purifier

Air purifiers are just incredible! If you’re not big on using air fresheners or room sprays, then this is the way to go.

An air purifier absorbs unpleasant odors and leaves you with clean, fresh air.

Yes, clean healthy air for your consumption.

Plus, if you suffer from allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants, air purifiers can really provide you with some relief.

Now, if you’re worried about the size, and that’s understandable, especially considering how small these dorm rooms are.

However, don’t worry, air purifiers come in smaller sizes that can easily fit in your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #5: Dehumidifier

From air purifies to a dehumidifier. Yes!

You may be thinking, uh … another gadget!

However, don’t worry, this dehumidifier in particular also functions as an air purifier, and it is amazing!

When I purchased mine, there weren’t any reviews about it, so I basically took a chance.

However, it has not disappointed me yet.

It removes the excess moisture from the air and purifies the air also.

This creates a clean, comfortable living environment with relative humidity and clean, fresh air.

Overall, this dehumidifier is durable, compact, quiet, and powerful – one of many great candle alternatives for dorms.

Therefore, if your college is located in a very humid area, this dehumidifier can really help you create a more comfortable and healthier atmosphere in your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternative #6: Room spray

So after a clean room with clean, fresh air, it’s now time to add some aroma to fit your mood.

Fortunately, by using your favorite room spray, you can have your room smelling like whatever you want within seconds!

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternatives #7: Toilet spray

Whoever invented this toilet spray needs all the awards in the world!

Yes! Honestly!

This spray creates a barrier in the toilet bowl, so unpleasant odors don’t float around the room.

Therefore, this is another way to combat unpleasant odors in your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternatives #8: Plug-in air freshener

Using your favorite plug-in air freshener is a really easy way to make your dorm room smell great, without using open flame candles.

In fact, it is one of the best candle alternatives for dorms.

What’s your favorite plug-in air freshener?

One of my favorite scents is downy, so my laundry detergent also has downy.

In fact, basically, I am a sucker for anything that has downy in it.

Overall, it’s a nice clean scent.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternatives #9: Candle warmer

So if you really can’t part with your candle, then use a candle warmer.

You don’t have to worry about an open flame, and you will still reap the benefits of adding aroma to your dorm room.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternatives #10: Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a game changer!

They help keep your room smelling great. Plus, there are health benefits depending on the oils you use.

Honestly, it took me a while to get into using essential oil diffusers because at first, the oils were so expensive.

However, now, essential oils have become more affordable.

In fact, lately, I have been hooked on a set of essential oils – they are affordable and smell great.

Great Dorm Room Candle Alternatives #11: Scented trash bags

Adding a set of scented trash bags to the mix can also help.

One of my top scented trash bags is from Hefty – I really love these.

They are strong and smell great.

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