30 Genius College Dorm Room Storage Ideas

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Generally speaking, the space in dorm rooms is tight! Here are genius dorm room storage ideas to use to store and organize things in your dorm room!

Find the dorm room storage ideas you probably didn’t think of.

College Dorm Room Storage Ideas

When you decide to attend college, you also made a decision to sacrifice your space, among other things.

However, with a few dorm room storage ideas you can make the most out of the space in your dorm room even if you have a roommate.

These dorm room storage ideas can help you save space, help you keep your dorm room neat and organized, and help you get ready for your classes sooner.

Now, you don’t have to implement all these ideas.

In fact, you should consider only implementing storage ideas that will help you maximize the most space based on your dorm room size and the space available in your dorm room.

Genius College Dorm Room Storage Ideas

  1. Storage caddy
  2. Ottoman with storage
  3. Snack organizer
  4. Mini refrigerator stand
  5. Mini Refrigerator caddy
  6. Storage shelving unit
  7. Food storage containers
  8. Storage boxes
  9. Storage stackable containers
  10. Hanging closet shelves
  11. Mesh shower caddy
  12. Hair tools organizer
  13. Over desk shelf
  14. Over-bed shelf
  15. Storage carts
  16. Storage bags
  17. Storage Tubs
  18. Under-bed storage bags
  19. Under-bed rolling carts
  20. Shoe organizer
  21. Jewelry  organizer
  22. Cube storage organizer
  23. Cube foldable organizer
  24. Drawer organizers
  25. Makeup storage
  26. Desk organizer
  27. Over the chair caddy
  28. Hanging bedside organizer
  29. Stackable shelf containers
  30. Vacuum storage bags

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 1: Storage caddy

Dorm Cleaning Supplies Storage cart

These storage caddies are super useful. You can use these to store almost anything. This was a game-changer in my dorm room.

In fact, I still own one, and I highly recommend these.

The one I  currently own doesn’t include the handle, but this one is better with the handle since it makes the storage caddy even easier to move around.

Plus, you could hang a kitchen towel and a few other stuff on the handle.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 2: Ottoman with storage

Hide food in an ottoman with storage

An ottoman with storage is great if you want to create a sitting area in your dorm room.

However, if your only concern is maximizing storage, then this ottoman fits the bill.

Plus, it’s available in different sizes, and it doubles up as a great dorm room decor piece, just add a piece of faux fur rug on it.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 3: Snack organizer

Dorm Room Storage - Snack Organize

Do you love your snacks?

I know I do! In fact, I always had a stash of snacks, especially during midterms and final exams.

My snacks helped me get through those horrendous exams.

This snack organizer is great for organizing snacks in your dorm room – it creates a beautiful display and makes your snacks easily accessible.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 4: Mini refrigerator stand

How To Organize Your Food In College 1 of 5

Refrigerator stands are great! They keep your refrigerator off the ground.

Plus, they add a little height to your refrigerator, which is great, especially if you’re tall.

However, not many mini refrigerator stands have storage, but fortunately, this one does!

Use the drawers to store your food, drinks, and snacks easily.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 5: Refrigerator caddy

Use the refrigerator caddy to store snacks and other food

Now, where was this when I was in college? This dorm room storage idea is genius!

Have quick and easy access to your dinnerware by using this cool refrigerator caddy.

Plus, you can also hide a few bars of chocolates in there too!

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 6: Storage shelving unit

College organizing essentials 1 of 50

One of the easiest ways to optimize the space in small rooms is to find ways to use the space on the wall.

Fortunately, a storage shelving unit can help you do just that without using any nails or screws.

Dorm Room Storage Organizer

Some storage shelving units are actually made with college students in mind. For instance, some storage shelving units allow you to store and organize your TV, refrigerator plus more!

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 7: Food storage containers

Store leftovers in food containers

Lockable food storage containers are a must for college students. These containers make it easy to meal prep, pack meals for breaks between classes, and for storing leftovers.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 8: Storage boxes

Dorm Closet Essentials Storage boxes

Storage boxes have been upgraded over the years. In fact, nowadays, some storage boxes double as decoration pieces.

Yes! Imagine using a brown plain box as a decoration piece.

Yea ….. It does quite work out, does it?

Well, unless you’re crafty and decide to glue some magazines pages or newspapers pages to the surface.

But what if you’re not crafty or just can be bothered, well you can get these storage boxes instead.

Now, storage boxes can look as colorful or as basic you need them to be.

However, all in all, they are great for storing bedding and clothing items in your college dorm room.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 9: Stackable storage containers

Dorm Room Storage - Stackable Containers

If there’s one thing you will see in many dorm rooms is storage containers.

Simply because they help keep dorm rooms organized. Plus, they make moving so easy, because a college student can simply pick them up and move along.

Overall, stackable storage containers will help you keep your dorm room organized. Also, will help you move around campus or off-campus much easy if and when you need to.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 10: Hanging closet shelves

Dorm Closet Essentials Hanging closet shelves

Use these hanging closets shelves to organize all your planned outfits for the week.

Or you can also use these hanging closet shelves to store bath towels, t-shirts, and more.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 11: Mesh shower caddy

College Essentials Shower caddy

If you share, your bathroom with more than one college student, I highly recommend you purchase a mesh shower caddy.

In fact, mesh shower caddies are one of the top dorm room storage ideas recommended by many past and present college students.

Overall, using a shower caddy makes the whole process of taking a shower a lot easier because you can easier carry all your shower essentials in one trip.

Therefore, forgetting shower essentials will be less frequent since everything you normally use daily to take a shower is pack in a caddy.

Now, you may be thinking … why can’t I just leave my shower essentials in the bathroom?

Unfortunately, if you use a community bathroom, it’s not possible in some cases and not recommended unless you don’t mind your personal items being used and misplace by college students.

So to avoid that, use a mesh shower caddy to easily transport your shower essentials to and from the bathroom – it’s less stressful and more hygienic this way.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 12: Hair tools organizer

College Essentials Hair tools organizer

Organize all your hair tools in one location with a hair tools organizer!

It is perfect for small places like dorm rooms with limited space.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 13: Over desk shelf

Dorm Room Storage - Over the Desk Storage

Want more space on your dorm room desk? Well, you can use an over desk shelf.

An over desk shelf allows you to add more space for storing things like books and other things you would like to get out of your way.

Or you can also use the space to add a few decor pieces.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 14: Over-bed shelf

Dorm Room Storage - Over Bed Shelf

Want even more space? Consider adding an over-bed shelf above your bed.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 15: Storage Drawer carts

College Essentials Drawer carts

These storage drawer carts were really in every dorm room! I still use these.


Dorm Storage - Container On Wheels

If you looking for an affordable way to store your personal items this is it.

Plus, these storage carts are stackable and are available in different colors!

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 16: Three-Piece Set Foldable Storage Bags

Dorm Closet Essentials Storage bags or bins

This three-piece set, foldable storage bags will make your college dorm life easier. These bags are perfect for storing bedding, bath items plus a few pairs of jeans pants.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 17: Storage Tubs

These storage tubs may not look sexy, but they will get the job done.

Plus, they are very affordable. These are easily a college dorm room staple.

They are great for storing and organizing bedding items, clothes, other personal items, and groceries.

Plus, they make packing and moving a breeze!

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 18: Under-bed storage bags

Dorm Room Storage - Under Bed Storage

Store clothes and bedding under your dorm room bed using under-bed storage bags.


College Dorm Room Storage Idea 19: Under-bed rolling carts

Dorm Room Storage - Under Bed Rolling Cart

Using under-bed rolling carts is also an option if you want to quickly access the items stored under your bed.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 20: Shoe organizers

I have seen shoe organizers used in college dorm rooms to store cup noodles, pens, pencils, highlights, personal care items, makeup – you name it.

These are a must-have for your dorm room – you won’t regret it.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 21: Jewelry  organizer

Dorm Closet Essentials Hanging jewelry holder

Do you have a lot of jewelry to organize in your dorm room? Well, try this cute jewelry organizer.

A few of my college friends loved their jewelry, and they used them frequently.

Now while a few of them tossed their jewelry in draws those who were really organized used jewelry organizers like these to store their jewelry.

Even I had one jewelry organizer that was very similar to this one.

Overall, jewelry organizers make accessing your jewelry quicker and easier – you don’t have to dig for them when you need them.

Therefore, you can rest assured all your jewelry will actually get used. Unlike if they are hidden in a draw or container.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 22: Cube storage organizer

Organize your food in college using Cube Storage Organizer

Cube storage organizers look amazing in dorm rooms.

Some of my college friends added these under their beds and purchases cubes to fit. You can store many items using these cube storage organizers.

Plus, they also double up as decor pieces because they are so clean-cut, well put together, and are available in different colors.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 23: Cube foldable organizers

Use collapsible fabric storage cubes to organize your food

Cube foldable organizers are perfect for your cube storage organizer.

These are available in different sizes and colors.

Therefore before you buy any cube foldable organizers ensure there will fit into your cube storage organizer and the color is suitable for your overall dorm room decor theme.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 24: Drawer organizers

College Essentials Foldable storage drawers

Keep your panties, bras, and other clothing pieces organized and easily accessible with drawers organizers!

These are definitely a must-have for your dorm room.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 25: Makeup storage

Dorm Room Storage - Makeup Storage

Makeup storage for college? Yes, please!

Now, you probably won’t wear makeup every day, or maybe you will.

However, either way, having a neat minimalist makeup storage container to store your makeup in college is a great idea.

A makeup storage container will allow you to place your everyday makeup products in one location in your dorm, thereby making it quickly accessible, especially on days you’re running late for class.

My makeup storage container was always on my desk next to my desk organizer. Overall, it just made applying makeup easier and quicker in the mornings.


College Dorm Room Storage Idea 26: Desk organizer

College Essentials Desk organizer

In some cases, your dorm room desk will also be used as your makeup vanity. So keep your dorm room desk organized with this desk organizer.

This will allow you to make more room doing other things on your desk.

For instance, setting up your makeup vanity or creating a printing area.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 27: Over the chair caddy

Dorm Room Storage - Over The Chair Caddy

Add some extra storage space using an over the chair caddy. How cool is that?

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 28: Hanging bedside organizer

Dorm Room Storage - Hanging Bedside Organizer

If you’re loved the chair caddy you will also love a hanging bedside organizer. Add extra space using your dorm room bed and this hanging bedside organizer.

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 29: Stackable shelf containers

Dorm Room Storage - Stackable Shelf Containers

Use stackable shelf containers to organize personal care items, makeup, and more!

College Dorm Room Storage Idea 30: Vacuum storage bags

Dorm Room Storage - Snack Organize

These vacuum storage bags are a game-changer. They are amazing for storing things like comforters, bath towels that tend to take up a lot of space.

So use these to save space in your storage bags, drawers, and containers.

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