13 Top Dorm Bedding Essentials for College

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This post is all about college dorm bedding essentials every college student needs!

Find the best dorm bedding essentials for your dorm room!

Top Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

A good night’s rest in college is extremely important.

Therefore, you need to ensure your dorm bedding essentials can deliver.

Now, from personal experience, dorm beds are not the best – mine wasn’t.

In fact, the mattress alone will have you contemplating if this is really what you should be doing with your life.

While you may not think that way in the midst of all that move-in excitement, but once you settle down and start analyzing your environment, things can get weird really quickly.

Thus, to avoid that weird moment, your best bet is to pack a few essentials to improve your sleeping experience in college – you don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s rest.

Furthermore, you need your beauty sleep then some to perform at your best in college.

Without further ado, here are 13 top dorm bedding essentials you need for college!

13 Dorm Bedding Essentials for College Students

  1. Comforters
  2. Bed sheets
  3. Mattress covers
  4. Mattress toppers
  5. Fuzzy blankets
  6. Comfortable pillows
  7. Pillowcases
  8. Bed rest pillows
  9. Bed skirts
  10. Bedside shelves
  11. Clip-on lamps
  12. Area rugs
  13. Headboards

Dorm Bedding Essential 1: Comforter

A comforter is a multifunctional bedding piece – it keeps you warm, and it’s a statement piece that helps you decorate your room.

So make sure you add this to your college packing list.

My comforter served me well – it even lasted a few years after graduating from undergrad.

Dorm Bedding Essential 2: Bed sheets

You can easily go overboard packing several bed sheets for college. But you really need about two to three sets to start college.

An extra bed sheet set is great for emergencies or when you postpone your laundry day.

Dorm Bedding Essential 3: Mattress cover

A mattress cover is a college essential, especially if you suffer from allergies.

All, in all, it’s one of these items every college student needs to pack along with other bedding items.

Mattress covers are one of the top college essentials because it protects the mattress from dust mite and bedbugs.

Now, while you may not have to worry about dust mites and especially bedbugs being in your college dorm room, it’s still important to protect your mattress.

Dorm Bedding Essential 4: Mattress topper

Mattresses in dorm rooms are notoriously uncomfortable.

Thankfully, a mattress topper can add some well-needed comfort to your mattress.

Thus, it’s definitely one bedding item that you should be on your college packing list.

Overall, you want to make your bed as comfortable as possible in order to get a comfortable night’s rest.

So if you’re still considering bringing a mattress topper to college, I say do it! It will definitely help you sleep better.

Dorm Bedding Essential 5: Fuzzy blanket

A nice warm fuzzy blanket is a bedding staple.

This one is super soft and feels so good on the skin.

Overall, it will serve you well, especially during the cold winter months.

Dorm Bedding Essential 6: Comfortable pillows

A comfortable pillow helps you sleep better.

I had two standard pillows on my bed and one decorative pillow.

Now, I love decorative pillows, but they take up too much space on an already small bed.

Thus, instead of adding several decorative pillows to my bed, I added an extra pillow, and it was great!

So if you’re looking for extra comfort, I say add another standard pillow to your dorm bed.

Dorm Bedding Essential 7: Pillowcases

Remember to pack more than one pillowcase, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

I changed my pillowcase once a week to reduce acne breakouts.

Dorm Bedding Essential 8: Bed rest pillow

The space in a dorm room is limited. Therefore, you can’t fit traditional furniture like couches like there.

So your bed will most likely be used as your primary sitting area.

So it’s important, for you to make your bed as comfortable as possible using things like a fuzzy blanket, a bed rest pillow, and warm comforters.

Dorm Bedding Essential 9: Bed skirt

A bed skirt helps you create an illusion! Lol!

Seriously, they help you hide these dreadful dorm room bed frames, plastic bins, suitcases, and boxes stored under your dorm room bed.

All in all, no one needs to see the stuff you store under your bed – let them guess.

Thankfully, these Bed skirts help you keep your secret.

Also, remember to purchase an extended-sized bed skirt if you plan on using a bed riser set to create more space under the bed.

Dorm Bedding Essential 10: Bedside shelf

Bedside tables are very useful. However, because space in dorm rooms is so limited, the chance of you finding a bedside table in a dorm room at college is slim.

Therefore, if you constantly use a bedside table, and you’re looking for an alternative, a bedside shelf is your best bet.

While a bedside shelf may not be big, it can still hold, your cellphone, bottled water, and a few other things.

Dorm Bedding Essential 11: Clip-on lamp

A clip-on lamp is so convenient in dorm rooms.

Overall, it is good to have a personal night light that’s easy to access and doesn’t disturb your roommate.

Dorm Bedding Essential 12: Area rug

An area rug is a great statement piece for a dorm room – it really helps you pull your theme together.

Plus, it’s a nice feeling to hop off your bed without worrying about the cold floor, especially during the cold months.

Dorm Bedding Essential 13: Headboard

This is the easiest way to add a headboard to your bed. How cute is this little headboard?

The size is perfect for dorm room beds. All you need is this headboard and command hooks to hang it.

My dorm room bed didn’t have a headboard – so this worked out great.

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