16 Best College Dorm Kitchen Essentials

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This post is all about college dorm kitchen essentials every college student needs!

Find the best dorm kitchen essentials for your dorm room!

Dorm Kitchen Essentials

If your college cafeteria is anything like mine you’re going to need a backup plan.

Yes, a backup plan!

Overall, my college cafeteria was a hit or a miss. So having dorm kitchen essentials on hand was a must.

In fact, at the beginning of the semester, the college cafeteria food was always on point.

But I realized once the semester started to wind down, the food would be okay on some days, and on other days not so much.

Now if you super lucky and your college cafeteria is nothing like mine, congrats! But, you still need your mini kitchen in place.

A mini kitchen in a dorm room is great for days you’re craving your favorite snack or to help you prepare midnight snacks when the college cafeteria is closed.

Here are some college dorm kitchen essentials to help you create your mini dorm room kitchen!

College Dorm Kitchen Essentials

  1. Mini refrigerator
  2. Refrigerator caddy
  3. Mini refrigerator stand
  4. Shelving unit
  5. Drawer cart
  6. Microwave oven
  7. Food blender
  8. Sandwich maker
  9. Water filter pitcher
  10. Food storage cart
  11. Coffee maker
  12. Tableware
  13. Paper towels
  14. Chip clips
  15. Food containers
  16. Food storage bags

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Dorm Kitchen Essential 1: Mini refrigerator

College Essentials Mini refrigerator

mini refrigerator is a must-have college item – it’s a lifesaver. I swear everyone had one of these.

I was lucky enough to use one for free while I stayed on campus.

However, if you not so lucky, but don’t want to pay full price consider purchasing a used one.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 2: Refrigerator caddy

Use the refrigerator caddy to store snacks and other food

What a smart idea! I wish I had this for my mini refrigerator in my dorm room.

Refrigerator caddies are perfect for storing and organizing flatware and dinnerware. Plus, you can also store a few snacks in there too!

Dorm Kitchen Essential 3: Mini Refrigerator stand

How To Organize Your Food In College 1 of 5

Mini refrigerator stands add height to your refrigerator.

Plus, the drawers can be used to store groceries, dinnerware, flatware, and small kitchen tools and gadgets.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 4: Shelving Unit

College organizing essentials 1 of 50

A shelving unit is a key piece that really helps you build your mini dorm room kitchen.

This unit has adjustable shelves, so you can easily adjust your shelves based on your needs.

Overall, this unit is a must-have because it helps you create your own mini kitchen easily in your dorm room.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 5: Drawer cart

College Essentials Drawer carts

These drawer carts are so affordable and useful in college dorms! These were a staple in my dorm room.

Plus, I actually continued using them even I moved off-campus.

You can store your groceries, dinnerware, and flatware in these drawer carts easily.

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Dorm Kitchen Essential 6: Microwave oven

College Essentials Microwave oven

If you’re a foodie, you know what’s up.

I know you’re not living home without one of these. I did, but order one after one week living on campus.

You live and learn. A microwave oven for your college dorm room is a must!

This isn’t up for debate!

Dorm Kitchen Essential 7: Food blender

Dorm Kitchen Essentials Food Blender 1 of 1

This is a luxury piece in a college dorm room, but fortunately, it is affordable.

You can create so many dishes and drinks with this food blender alone.

Once, you have this blender in hand you won’t even worry about bad college cafeteria food.

On days your college cafeteria food is bad, you can easily head back to your dorm room to whip up something tasty.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 8: Sandwich maker

College Essentials Sandwich maker

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a delicious sandwich using this sandwich maker.

In fact, a sandwich maker is perfect for making a quick sandwich before class.

Plus, it’s great for days you don’t want to go to the college cafeteria, but you’re running low on groceries.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 9: Water filter pitcher

Dorm Kitchen Essentials Water filter pitcher

Water filter pitchers are easily one of the top dorm kitchen essentials plus they are money savers!

Overall, that’s definitely one way to stay hydrated and save money in college.

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Dorm Kitchen Essential 10: Food storage cart

Store food in a storage cart

This storage cart is a dorm room gem.

It’s multipurpose. So you can use it to organize your food, store books, electronic gadgets, and more.

Plus, it’s a cart on wheels, so you can easily move it around the room.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 11: Coffee maker

College Essentials Mini keurig

A mini coffee maker is a dorm kitchen essential. Enjoy delicious cups of coffee in the comfort of your dorm room.

Plus save money on your favorite coffee shop drinks.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 12: Tableware

College Essentials Dinnerware

College Essentials Flatware

Reusable dinnerware and flatware help you save money in college easily.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about restocking them when you are running low on cash.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 13: Paper towels

Dorm Kitchen Essentials Paper Towels

At home, if you’re frugal you can easily use a cloth to wipe messes.

However, in dorms maintaining clean mold-free cloths can become a hassle.

Thus, using paper towels will probably be your best option.

So stock up and look for deals to save some money before buying them.

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Dorm Kitchen Essential 14: Chip clips

Dorm Kitchen Essentials Chip clips

Stale snacks aren’t appetizing and can easily cost you money. So, keep your snacks fresh with these chip clips!

Dorm Kitchen Essential 15: Food containers

Store leftovers in food containers

Keep basic kitchen pantry items fresh

Stackable food containers and lockable food containers keep your food fresh.

Dorm Kitchen Essential 16: Food storage bags

Dorm Kitchen Essentials Food storage bags

Use food storage bags to pack quick lunches or to store and organize your food in your dorm room in college.

So here you have it! All the dorm kitchen essentials that will make your life easier in college!

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