33 Best Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies For Students

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This post is all about dorm room cleaning supplies every college freshman needs!

Dorm room cleaning supplies

Keep your dorm room smelling great and clean with these dorm room cleaning supplies!

Cleaning With The Roomie

My roommate was super cool, but the girl was a clean freak! So our dorm room was spotless.

Now, I didn’t mind but boy sometimes waking up early on Saturday to get that stuff done after a long week was exhausting but for a clean dorm room I pushed through.

Plus, our clean dorm room was so comfortable and inviting, so it was worth it in the end.

Here are some dorm room cleaning supplies we used to keep our dorm room clean and smelling great!

Use this list as a guide to help you keep your dorm room fresh and clean!

Dorm room cleaning supplies

  1. Dusters
  2. Mops
  3. Broom and dustpans
  4. Tile scrubbers
  5. Broom and mop grippers
  6. Compact Vacuums
  7. Carpet spot removers
  8. Carpet cleaners
  9. Paper towels
  10. Disinfecting wipes
  11. Disinfecting sprays
  12. Air fresheners
  13. Scented trash bags
  14. Laundry hampers
  15. Mesh clothing washing bags
  16. Laundry bags
  17. Laundry detergents
  18. Wrinkle release sprays
  19. Mini steamers
  20. Dishwashing liquids
  21. Dishwashing sponges
  22. Dishwashing pump dispenser and sponge holders
  23. Liquid hand soaps
  24. Soap dispensers
  25. Hand sanitizers
  26. Cleaning cloths
  27. All-purpose cleaners
  28. Spray bottles
  29. Cleaning gloves
  30. Bathroom cleaners
  31. Toilet cleaning supplies
  32. Garbage bins
  33. Storage carts

Dorm room cleaning supply 1: Duster

Firstly we dusted a lot mainly because of her allergies, and it really helped her reduce her symptoms.

We mainly used Swiffer dusters because they help us keep our surfaces clean.

Plus, it traps the dust, unlike the other dusters we used.

So remember to pack a duster to help you clean your dorm room.

Dorm room cleaning supply 2: Mop

So we also used the Swiffer Wet Jet to clean our floors too and this work great. It was easy to use.

The only downside of this mop was the price but since we split the cost it was manageable.

Other than that it works great!

Dorm room cleaning supply 3: Broom and dustpan

A broom and dustpan set is a must. We bought a cheap one, and it worked great and lasted the full school year.

Dorm room cleaning supply 4: Tile scrubber

Cleaning the bathroom is no fun honestly but with the right cleaning tools, you will be done before you know it.

We used this tile scrubber and a few other bathroom cleaning supplies to get our bathroom fresh and clean.

Dorm room cleaning supply 5: Broom and mop grippers

Since we couldn’t use nails to hang anything, these broom and mop grippers are a game-changer.

Without these, our mop, broom, and vacuum would just get in our way.

Get a set of broom and mop grippers to get your broom, mops, and vacuum off the floor!

Dorm room cleaning supply 6: Compact Vacuum

In general, when it comes to vacuums you want one that works and is also affordable, but you don’t want to go too cheap.

A compact vacuum works great for small dorm rooms that don’t have a lot of carpet on the floor.

However, if your dorm room has a lot of carpet on the floor you will need something more robust.

So if you plan on moving off-campus, just bear in mind you will most likely need a new vacuum if your off-campus apartment has a lot of carpet on the floor.

However, for dorm rooms with laminated or wooden flooring, these compact vacuums get the job done.

Dorm room cleaning supply 7: Carpet spot remover

Cute area rugs are great but spilling stuff on them isn’t great at all. However, having a carpet spot remover can help save your cute area rug.

We keep a bottle on hand but our suitemates got more uses out of the bottle than us.

But nevertheless, just having a bottle on hand is always a good idea.

Dorm room cleaning supply 8: Carpet cleaner

Since candles were not allowed in our dorm room we had to find candle alternatives and these were a gem in the rough!

We used a carpet cleaner to clean our area rugs, and they always had our rugs smelling great!

These are definitely worth a try if you too are looking for candle alternatives for your dorm room.

Dorm room cleaning supply 9: Paper towels

In our dorm room, we used cleaning cloths and paper towels.

But it was always easier to use paper towels since we always had to wash the clothes to keep them mold-free.

So remember to add a set of paper towels to your college packing list!

Dorm room cleaning supply 10: Disinfecting wipes

A set of disinfecting wipes are super important because they help you significantly reduce bacteria on your surfaces.

Moreover, by using these along with disinfecting sprays and all-purpose clean these lasts a while before we needed to replace them.

Dorm room cleaning supply 11: Disinfecting spray

During the cool months when the flu season is at its peak having a tin of disinfecting spray on hand is always useful.

While they don’t prevent you from getting the flu, they definitely help reduce the bacteria on surfaces.

Plus, deodorizes your living space to make it smell clean.

Dorm room cleaning supply 12: Air freshener

After deodorizing your room, this air freshener will make it smell ten times better.

My roommate and I loved this air freshener – we always had a tin in the room.

Dorm room cleaning supply 13: Scented trash bags

A set of scented trash bags is another candle alternative.

Now while these trash bags smelled great the smell doesn’t last.

However, for the price they were a bargain, so we mainly used them.

Dorm room cleaning supply 14: Laundry hamper

A laundry hamper is great for dorm rooms – they don’t take up too much space and they help you keep all your clothes in one place.

My roommate recommended these, and she was spot on – these were affordable, and they got the job done.

Dorm room cleaning supply 15: Mesh clothing washing bags

A set of mesh clothing washing bags are a must-have for washing delicate clothing pieces like panties and bras.

Dorm room cleaning supply 16: Laundry bag

If your laundry room is extremely close to your dorm room you probably don’t need a laundry bag.

But it’s a couple of minutes away from your dorm room, a laundry bag will help you carry your laundry to the laundry room easier and quicker.

Dorm room cleaning supply 17: Laundry detergent

Remember to buy your favorite laundry detergent to wash your laundry! I mainly used Tide with Downy.

Overall, Tide with Downy smells great!

But if you have sensitive skin, consider trying Tide Free and Gentle or a fragrance-free and parabens-free laundry detergent to wash your laundry.

Dorm room cleaning supply 18: Wrinkle release spray

So clearly I like stuff with Downy. But in my defense, this stuff smells great so you know this was one of my top dorm room cleaning supplies!

This wrinkle release spray comes in handy when using a steamer to get wrinkles out of clothes, especially jeans pants.

Dorm room cleaning supply 19: Mini steamer

A mini steamer helps you get wrinkles out of clothes faster than traditional irons.

Plus, they help you save space, and you don’t need an ironing board, an iron, and an iron holder when you have one of these.

Dorm room cleaning supply 20: Dishwashing liquid

If you have a mini kitchen in your dorm, remember to get dishwashing liquid.

My roommate used disposable tableware, so she didn’t use dishwashing liquid, but this was a staple in my storage cart with my dishwashing sponges.

Dorm room cleaning supply 21: Dishwashing sponge

If you’re using reusable tableware in your dorm room, remember to add at least one dishwashing sponge to your college packing list.

Dorm room cleaning supply 22: Dishwashing pump dispenser and sponge holder

Now, this isn’t a must-have item by any means but this dishwashing pump dispenser and sponge holder was perfect for my little dorm room kitchen.

It kept my dishwashing sponge clean and mold-free. Plus, it helped me use less dishwashing liquid. So for me, it was one of my top dorm room cleaning supplies.

Dorm room cleaning supply 23: Liquid hand soap

Dirty hands spread germs so remember your liquid hand soap. In fact, add this to the top of your college packing list.

Dorm room cleaning supply 24: Soap dispenser

This soap dispenser is touchless – so it’s perfect for dispersing liquid hand soap.

Dorm room cleaning supply 25: Hand sanitizer

Also, remember your hand sanitizers! They are just as important as your hand soap. So remember to pack a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Dorm room cleaning supply 26: Cleaning cloth

A set of cleaning cloths will save you money on paper towels.

However, using them can be a hassle depending on how your dorm room is design so bear that in mind.

Dorm room cleaning supply 27: All-purpose cleaner

Fabuloso cleaners smell great! Overall, this scented all-purpose cleaner gets the job done and it’s affordable.

I have yet to try one scent that didn’t. All in all, a few bottles of these will easily last you months.

All you need is a spray bottle, water, and some Fabuloso – your room will be clean and will smell amazing!

Dorm room cleaning supply 28: Spray bottles

A set of spray bottles are great for all-purpose cleaners solutions. You can easily create your personalized cleaning solution using these spray bottles.

Dorm room cleaning supply 29: Cleaning gloves

A pair of cleaning gloves keep your manicure intact. Plus these are so pretty!

Dorm room cleaning supply 30: Bathroom cleaner

Kaboom! is no joke. It gets the job done – it’s a great dorm room cleaning supply.

This makes my job so much easier. I just spray and come back later and boom half the work is done.

In fact, sometimes I don’t even have to use the tile scrubber – just a cleaning cloth, and I am done.

Dorm room cleaning supply 31: Toilet cleaning supplies

Toilet bowl cleaning supply wasn’t even on my college packing list, thankfully my roommate had this covered.

All in all, these are great for cleaning toilets. They are more hygienic than traditional toilet cleaners.

Dorm room cleaning supply 32: Garbage bin

Remember to add a garbage bin for your dorm bathroom to your college packing list. This white one is space-saving and super cute!

Dorm room cleaning supply 33: Storage cart

This 3-tier rolling storage cart with a handle will help you keep your cleaning supplies organized. Plus, you can hang your cleaning cloth on the handle to dry.

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