9 Easy Ways To Make Friends In College

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If you are about to start your college journey, you may be wondering about how to make friends in college, and that’s completely normal! Thankfully, college blogs like this one exist to help you along the way.

How To Make Friends In College

Firstly, let me tell you, you are not alone! As a matter of fact, you are not the only college freshman who worries about making good friends in college during their freshman year.

In fact, I too was worried! Yes, I was! I can shamelessly admit that I was worried about making friends in college. Plus, I was nervous about who my college roommate was going to be.

So reassured, what you are feeling right at this very moment has been experienced by many other college freshmen, so it’s part of the college experience.

Making Friends In College

Making friends in college will probably be one of the easier tasks you will embark on in college because it primarily involves being yourself.

How To Make Friends In College

  1. First, be yourself
  2. Be friendly
  3. Be helpful
  4. Join groups
  5. Live in a double dorm room
  6. Be respectful
  7. Be a good listener
  8. Explore your campus
  9. Mingle with other students

How To Make Friends In College: First, be yourself

Being yourself is one of the easiest ways to make friends in college. Therefore, throughout your college journey, be yourself.

You are a unique individual with many attributes that make you special.

So don’t change who you are to fit someone’s else narrative. Be proud of who you are, and you will find people who will accept and appreciate you just the way you are.

How To Make Friends In College: Be friendly

Being friendly will help you make friends quickly. On the other hand, being unfriendly will probably leave you alone and sad in college.

Firstly, would you even want to be friends with someone who is unfriendly? Sadly, even the simplest conversation would probably start a petty disagreement.

Thus, be the kind of person you would like to be friends with. You can start by being friendly to others. Trust me, you will feel good and make others around feel good and comfortable.

How To Make Friends In College: Be helpful

Be helpful to others if you want to make friends in college. Yes, people might not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to make a lasting impression is by actually being helpful. Now, being helpful doesn’t mean letting others take advantage of you or your resources.

Sadly, letting others take advantage of you won’t help you gain good friends or respect. Thus, be helpful, but don’t be a doormat.

How To Make Friends In College: Join groups

As it turns out, joining groups in college isn’t only good for developing and improving your college resume!

In fact, joining groups is one of the best ways to make lasting friendships in college.

The simple explanation is that it has been proven people with similar interests and/or common goals bond easier than people with no common interests and/or goals.

So, after you are done unpacking and organizing your living space, join some college groups to get your college experience off to a good start!

How To Make Friends In College: Live in a double dorm room

If you have never shared a bedroom before, the idea of sharing one with a strange can either scare the hell out of you or excite you. If you are excited about this news, that’s great, because the possibility of making friends just got easier for you.

In fact, you and your roommate can become best friends! How cool would that be? Imagine having someone to study with, go to college parties with, or eat at the college cafeteria with, and if you are lucky, someone who can become a lifelong friend!

So while, the idea of sharing a room in college may seem wild at first but in college, it’s very beneficial.

Plus, sharing a double room can help calm your worried mind if you are worried about living alone.

So if you are considering sharing a double dorm room, a new adventure awaits you! Just do it!

How To Make Friends In College: Be respectful

Being respectful to those around you will make college life less stressful. However, if you choose to be disrespectful, your college life can easily become a nightmare.

So choose respect, and gain a few friends along the way. Now, sometimes, being respectful doesn’t always result in being respected in return.

In fact, not everyone you meet is going to be friendly and respectful. However, you should never allow someone’s disposition to alter your values and morals.

Instead, choose to do better by taking the high road.

How To Make Friends In College: Be a good listener

Communication is important in every aspect of life. In fact, without conversing with others, living as we know it wouldn’t be normal.

Can you imagine never having another conversation with someone else? Crazy right!

Now, while communication is important, being a good listener is sometimes undervalued because we solely listen to respond.

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to develop the habit of just listening to respond, but not really listening to understand the person’s true feelings and thoughts about the matter being discussed.

However, remember, good communication is at the root of lasting friendships. Thus, if you want to make good lasting friendships in college, be a good listener.

How To Make Friends In College: Explore your campus

Yes, it’s time to become miss Dora the Explorer! Get out of your dorm room and explore your college campus. Explore to find out where all the fun and hot spots are on your college campus.

So basically, find out where other college students like you hang out when they’re not too busy attending classes or studying. These are the places college friendships are made and celebrated.

Therefore, if you want to make friends in college, explore a little and have some good college fun!

How To Make Friends In College: Mingle with other students

So you explored your college campus and found some good spots other college students like yourself hang out! Congrats, good job and guess what? It’s time to mingle!

Yes, mingle with other students by starting a few conversations. However, first remember to be yourself, because some people can sense when people are being fake and that’s not a good way to start a conversation.

Now, your first conversation could be great, or it could be a complete failure. However, you will never truly know unless you try.

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