13 Genius Ways To Organize Your Food In College

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This post is about genius ways to organize your food in college!

How To Organize Your Food In College

Frankly, if there’s one thing you’re sure to do in college is eating. I am so serious!

In fact, you will eat when you’re preparing for an exam, you will eat to celebrate your exam grades, you will eat to comfort yourself if you failed the exam.

I kid you not. You will eat.

Actually, during your college journey, you learn to value food even more.

Well, at least I did, mainly because the cafeteria food was a hit or miss, especially during the last few weeks of the semester.

Anyway, whether you skip class, party until you can’t party anymore, call your mom ten times to tell her you quit college, break up with your hometown boyfriend five times before the semester ends, your need for food will remain constant.

So overall, my point here is, food in college is king – don’t let anyone tell you differently. Frankly, without food, college isn’t happening.

I repeat, without food, college isn’t happening. So, forget the textbooks, but not the food.

Therefore, knowing the types of food to buy for your college dorm and how to organize your food in college is priceless.

Genius Ways To Organize Your Food In College

Now, this post is called, “Genius Ways to Organize Your Food in College” but honestly you probably thought of more than one of these ideas already.

However, just in case you haven’t, or you missed a few, here are some really great ways to organize your food in college!

Ways To Organize Your Food In College

  1. Store food using mini refrigerators
  2. Use refrigerator caddies to store snacks
  3. Keep your food fresh in drawer carts
  4. Use a mini-refrigerator stand with drawers to keep food
  5. Store food in storage carts
  6. Place groceries in refrigerator storage cabinets
  7. Hide food in ottomans with storage
  8. Use big storage tubs to store groceries
  9. Store leftovers in food containers and keep basic kitchen pantry items fresh
  10. Cleverly store food using door shoe organizers
  11. Use collapsible storage cubes to organize your food
  12. Organize your food in college using cube storage organizers
  13. Store tin foods under a low profile chair easily with collapsible storage bins

Tips For Organizing Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 1: Mini refrigerator

A mini refrigerator is a lifesaver in college! When the cafeteria is closed, these bad boys will prevent you from starving.

All my college friends had one!

Fortunately, when I moved in, the student who occupied my side of the room moved off-campus and left her mini-refrigerator – so I got one for free! How lucky is that?

If you’re not so lucky, but you still want to save some money on one I definitely recommend buying a used one, but whatever you do make sure you have one in your dorm room, especially if you’re a foodie.

Now you may be thinking, I don’t want one of these – it will just get in my way, and it probably won’t even fit in my dorm room.

Well, rest assured these are made to fit in tight spaces like dorm rooms.

Plus, owning a mini-refrigerator will help you organize your food in college easily and keep your food fresh.

Now you and your roommate can search for vending machines around campus after midnight to buy a few snacks.

Or y’all can easily whip up a batch of mug grilled chicken lasagna and frosty smoothies in the comfort of your dorm room using a microwave oven and some grilled chicken, shredded cheese, milk, ice cream, and pasta sauce stored in the mini-refrigerator.

Think about it, mug grilled chicken lasagna and frosty smoothies whenever you want! How does that sound?

Tips For Organizing Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 2: Refrigerator caddy

Now, this is one of the things I wish I had in college. What an easy way to organize and store tableware.

This really is a smart design – there’s even a pocket large enough to fit plates! Say what! This would have made storing all my tableware a breeze instead of just placing them in a tub!

Now you’re probably thinking:

  • First, how am I going to use this to organize my food and my tableware at the same time?
  • And girl, really, you’re joking!

Well, let me explain. You see in college, every space counts, so sometimes you have to be very strategic in how you use your space and be creative.

Now regarding this refrigerator caddy, you can use it to organize your food and tableware at the same time by using one side to organize your tableware and the other side to organize snacks like skittles, starbursts, chocolate bars, cookies, and much more.

Tips For Organizing Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 3: Drawers Carts

If you walk in a dorm room, and you don’t see at least one 3 drawer cart or something similar, something isn’t right! These are so affordable.

Plus, it can help you save a tone of space in your dorm room because they are stackable. So if you need a little extra space to organize your food, stationery, jeans, shirt, and socks these drawers will work like a charm.

Imagine, to this day I still purchase these and highly recommend them not only for college but also when you move into your first apartment.

Tips For Organizing Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 4: Mini refrigerator stand with drawers

Now if you’re looking, for one thing, to organize your food in college and to get your mini-refrigerator off the floor, this mini refrigerator stand is it.

This stand has two drawers. So you can easily store groceries in one drawer and tableware in the next. Plus, it’s on wheels! So shifting your mini-refrigerator is easy.

Smart Ways To Organize And Store Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 5: Storage cart

This 3-tier rolling storage cart is multipurpose. You can use it to organize your food in college one day, then store books and electronic gadgets the next.

The design allows for easy movement and placement of the cart, and that is very important for small areas like dorm rooms.

This is one purchase for college you will not regret.

Smart Ways To Organize And Store Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 6: Mini refrigerator storage cabinet

This mini refrigerator storage cabinet is smartly designed. There’s enough space to organize your mini-refrigerator, microwave, and your food.

However, consider this mini storage shelving unit for your dorm room if you want to easily adjust your shelves. This shelving unit has 4 adjustable shelves that allow you to easily customize the shelf based on your needs.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this one! It helps you create your own mini kitchen easily in your dorm room.

Food Organizing Ideas for College Students 7: Ottomans with storage

An ottoman with storage is perfect for dorm rooms. These help you create a sitting area for friends when they visit and provide a storage area to help you hide and organize your favorite snacks!

So if you have a few special snacks that you don’t necessarily like sharing, this is your solution! Your friends will sit right on top of it without even knowing!

Food Organizing Ideas For College Students 8: Big storage tubs

This type of storage tub may not look like much, but if you’re on a tight budget, and you want something to store your food among other things, these will get the job done.

You can easily hide a storage tub set under your dorm room bed.

However, you will need a set of bed raisers to pull it off.

Food Organizing Ideas For College Students 9: Food containers

A stackable food storage container set and a lockable food storage container set are college must-have items – they keep your food fresh.

Plus, they help you organize your food in college easily. Now you don’t have to bring an entire set to college.

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So purchase a set and split it with your mom. Or you and your college roommate can buy a set and split it, so it becomes even more affordable.

Food Organizing Ideas For College Students 10: Door shoe organizer

Now if you’re a Pinterest addict you probably know these are used to store whatever you want, not just shoes.

I, personally, still use a door shoe organizer to store seasons in my kitchen. Yes! It fits nicely on my pantry door.

So if you’re looking for a creative and affordable way to organize your food in college – this is your answer.

How To Organize Your Food In College 11: Collapsible fabric storage Cubes

You probably already have these on your college list, but just in case you forgot, I am here to remind you.

This collapsible fabric storage cube set will easily keep your dorm room clutter-free and organized.  You can store so many things in these storage cubes, plus they are affordable.

Just add a cube organizer to the mix, and you’re set!

How To Organize Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 12: Cube storage organizer

Yes, I am talking about this cube storage organizer! This and the collapsible fabric storage cubes are one of the easiest ways to store food in college!

How To Organize Your Food In Your College Dorm Room 13: Under chair collapsible storage bin

This collapsible storage bin will help you organize and store food in places you would have never thought was possible!

Now, honestly, when you really pay attention to the design, it doesn’t seem like much.

In fact, you can actually use a box this size to store and organize your food in college just the same, but this is cuter.

However, if you’re a DIY queen, you can easily use some beautiful scrapbook paper or old magazines to decor a box and no one will know the difference!

So you may be wondering where these can be used? Well, these are perfect for low-profile couches, chairs, and beds.

Just place a few cans of pasta, some bowls of mac and cheese, a few cups of noodles, and push it under a chair.

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